MAVRIK Car Duster is the Best Exterior Dust Mop Professional Detailing Tool, Long Handle, Lightweight, Ergonomic Design, Saves You Money, Must Have for Automotive Cleaning Supplies home supplies

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Mav·er·ick / ˈmav(ə)rik/

(noun) an unorthodox or independent-minded person. ________________________________________________________________

We at Architecture of Man felt a need for a better performing car duster.
The ones currently on the market were not doing it for us.
They didn't live up to our standards. So we decided to create our own.

What does it mean to own a Mavrik car duster? – It means more time in between car washes
– Comes with it's own storage bag
– Extremely comfortable foam handle for ease
– Lightweight and ergonomic for efficiency
– You get 100% money back guarantee
When you first receive your duster, take it out of its bag and shake it thoroughly then test it on a small area.

If there is lint or fibers left behind DON'T PANIC, these are easily removable.

What you are experiencing are left over fibers from manufacturing.
We use pressurized air to blow out the fibers after the dusters are complete to remove excess fibers, but unfortunately this doesn't always remove them completely.
To remove the remaining fibers, hand wash the duster and let it air dry.

After a couple of uses the MAVRIK will be working at it's full potential.